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Movie Review: Project Almanac

ProjectAlmanacMaybe it’s because I had low exceptions- but I’m going to admit I enjoyed this movie. And that says a lot since I am not a fan of found footage movies. Was it a life-changing, Oscar worthy movie? Absolutely not. But is it a movie you can enjoy after lunch with your friends? Probably.

The cast in the movie were very likeable- a bunch of outcast but funny high school students. After putting the time machine together, they do what any teen would do. Go to concerts, win the lottery, get back at their bullies, etc. What they don’t realize is that every move they make will start having a negative consequence in the future. Not everything was scientifically proven, some of the choices they made (like getting into the time machine without testing it on any living organisms) didn’t make sense. But hey- I didn’t want to sit around waiting for them to test out the machine. I actually enjoyed the fact that this time machine wasn’t some outer space technology that us humans can’t comprehend. They made it with parts you could find a Home Depot, making it more realistic.

It seemed like at the end of the movie the director was like “Hey, we don’t have enough of a budget to keep this going, so lets just end it now.” So the ending wasn’t very epic, but still sweet.

If you’re looking for something that will leave you thinking deep thoughts and rethinking your life, go watch something else. But if you’re looking for something fun to watch with your friends, this would be a good choice. Hey, I’d rather watch this over 50 Shades of Grey anytime!

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