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Take That Compliment Somewhere Else

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Today I experienced something I thought I would share with everyone because it is not something I have seen anyone talk about. So, story time!

I was sitting outside a pizza place, eating a pizza as usual. A woman sits next to me, clearly on her lunch break, and she is on the phone telling someone that she has to miss her hair appointment again because no one can pick up her kids. She’s all frazzled and drops her bag. I lean in to help pick up her bag but she beats me to it. She apologizes a million times to who I’m assuming is her hairdresser and hangs up. She then takes her slice of pizza and is clearly in a time crunch to eat (based on the fact that she basically wasn’t chewing her food). As usual, a bunch of random men decide to tell me how beautiful I am. Sometimes I say thank you. Sometimes I ignore them based on how pervy they act. After the 5th guy decides to tell me I’m beautiful I think to my maybe vain self, “Do these guys think I’m blind? Do I really need to know right now that I’m beautiful? The woman who needs these compliments more is probably the woman sitting right next to me.” At this point the woman has devoured the whole pizza and is now wiping the crumbs off her black skirt. I look at her and say “I noticed you have really white teeth, your smile can seriously light up the room! Girl, who’s your dentist?” She laughs and tells me she has OCD when it comes to her teeth and I tell her, “Well it’s been paying off. If I had your teeth I would smile 24/7!” She thanks me and then goes “You know what, I know it seems like a small gesture but I haven’t even had time to wash my hair in 4 days let alone put on some makeup and look presentable for once. Between the new business and my kids I haven’t had time for myself. The business is booming but it has taken over my life. And for those few seconds you made me smile and I really appreciate that. Thank you so much and I hope you have a good holiday.”

I wanted to share this encounter with you all because I think it’s something to think about the next time you’re out and about. Because trust me, I don’t need to know that I’m pretty. But you know what people never compliment me on? The fact that I have a brain. I would like people to stop assuming I’m some bimbo and realize that outside of my bubbly personality, I’m actually an educated woman. And you know what? There’s a lot of women like the one I’ve encountered who probably don’t need to hear about her business for the millionth time and actually WANT to be called beautiful.

I’m fully aware that the world isn’t so simple and if you want to keep complimenting pretty girls, go for it. That’s not a bad thing.

Honestly, I think I’m writing this because I’m really freaking annoyed that I can’t eat my pizza in that nice sunny spot in peace and yet there was a woman next to me who clearly needed a compliment but wasn’t getting any. And then you guys wonder why some women feel the need to get plastic surgery, to contour, to get their lips filled, to have fake this, fake that. Well then stop complimenting all the big chested instagram girls and and start complimenting all the naturally beautiful women on this planet.







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Author: Leanzy Kate Peterson

Leanzy Peterson is a Multimedia Journalist from Vallejo, California. She currently reside in Los Angeles and does a variety of Acting and TV Hosting.

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