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Movie Review: San Andreas

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The Rock is such a loveable guy that I feel like it is not possible to ever dislike any movie he is in. And I didn’t dislike San Andreas, I just think they could have done a lot more with what they had.

So basically The Rock plays a really strong helicopter pilot who, after saving his estranged wife, is trying to rescue his daughter in San Francisco. Of course The Rock finds a way to parachute into AT&T Park, rides a little boat over a ginormous wave which no other boat could survive except for his, saves a whole bunch of people from almost dying, and other typical The Rock stuff. Meanwhile, a lot of people are drowning and falling off buildings. But not The Rock or his daughter. They are tough cookies!

Here’s the thing, as someone who basically lives on the San Andreas Fault, I know that I would basically be a goner due to the fact that my father is not The Rock. And that in real life, not even The Rock could accomplish some of the things he does in the movie. I think the movie would have been a lot more interesting if we were following real families that don’t have a helicopter and giant muscles. It seemed like there were millions of people dying! Bridges were collapsing with school buses filled with kids, buildings were on fire, houses were falling on top of people, yet the movie doesn’t even take one second to allow us to feel sad for those people! And the funny part is when a reporter says thousands of people were saved due to an earthquake prediction a seismologist made.. OK… Thousands of people were saved… But millions died.. Which one is bigger news!?

Ok, ok I’ll admit I had fun watching the movie. It was cool (and scary) to see how much damage the earthquakes were making and the CGI was great- not super fake looking like a lot of new movies out there. But as much as I love the Rock, I think this would have been a lot more emotional and heartfelt if it featured a real family. Because we all know “the big one” can happen anytime soon- now that’s scary!


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Author: Leanzy Kate Peterson

Leanzy Peterson is a Multimedia Journalist from Vallejo, California. She currently reside in Los Angeles and does a variety of Acting and TV Hosting.

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