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Please Go To Prom With Me!

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Fullscreen capture 6112013 111800 PMTeenagers all over the world have started a new trend: asking a celebrity out to prom. The picture above shows Dwayne Wade going to prom with a fan from Archbishop Carroll High School. However, this is probably the millionth time I’ve heard about some celebrity going to prom with someone after being begged to death on youtube. At first, I thought it was cute, now it’s just annoying. What’s wrong with the people at your school? Ever since the very first prom, people have been asking out other students to prom. Why do we need to change things now? And why not be nice enough to allow one less person to be dateless? It sounds really selfish to me!

However, I won’t lie, I want to go to prom with a celebrity too! So I’ve asked out a few of my CBIMM (celebrity boyfriend’s in my mind) to go to prom with me. No, I’m not in high school anymore but I’m having a prom in my backyard! So if you would like to be my date at this backyard prom, please tweet me @Leanzykp.

So who exactly would I like to take to prom? Here’s my list:

1. Chris Evans







2. Chris Pine












3. Robin Thicke










4. J.C Chasez and Justin Timberlake









Not only do I want these guys to go to prom with me, I also want a really cool article written about me and my date on Yahoo!

Here’s this weeks life lessons:

  1. Things are always funny the first time. The second time, they’re kind of funny. By the third time we’re all yawning. What happened to the Harlem shake? Yeah, it stopped being funny.
  2. Only like one percent of the people that asked celebrities to go to prom with them actually got a reply. So stop trying and ask that nice boy or girl in your math class to the prom.
  3. All these guys I asked to go with me for my backyard prom better go. I don’t know if that’s a life lesson but if they don’t go they’re gonna learn a lesson.

What do you all think of all these high school students asking out a celebrity to prom? Let me know in the comments section!

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Author: Leanzy Kate Peterson

Leanzy Peterson is a Multimedia Journalist from Vallejo, California. She currently reside in Los Angeles and does a variety of Acting and TV Hosting.

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